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Skin tissue from Generals placed in a Petri dish and monitored with probes for pulse, heart rate, blood pressure and so on had the same reaction as the live host when shown war movies.

Our bodies regenerate new cells at various rates to different areas such as the skin, eyes, and so on.  Quantum Physics states that our old cells pass information on to the new cells.  Therefore, when trauma, emotional upset or loss has occurred this is permanently stored in the cells of the human body and continuously passed on if not released.

Therefore, if you’re fat and this fat is due to emotional unresolved issues this means that all the trillions of fat cells throughout the body will pass this information onto the new cells as they are regenerated although you may be shedding pounds at the time.  If a person does not clear the emotional baggage on a cellular level then the ‘TRIGGERS’ that got you there in the first place will assist you in sabotaging your progress.

Just watch “The Biggest Loser”, on television.  One continuous theme through each and every season is that there is a lot of emotional baggage under all that excess weight and the contestants need to let go of all the ‘OLD STUFF’ to continue on their journey.  All that trauma and emotional upset is not aligned with their new purpose and it will only interfere with their success if left unattended or ‘STUFFED DOWN’.  Oh, it may work for a while but it will not be long lasting or permanent.

The ‘EMOTIONAL BAGGAGE’ can range from rape as a child, death of a parent or you simply felt inferior to your sibling growing up.  Yet there is no doubt that there is usually a host of issues that underlie being overweight and obese.  As they learn more and more about the issues of obesity and weight loss the doctors and coaches alike are discovering that if a person does not dig deep to clear whatever is holding them back on an emotional level then the odds of reaching the ultimate goal or maintaining a lasting success is slim.

So the bottom line is you will want to take a look at letting go of the ghosts in your closet.  I’m not saying it will be easy but it is well worth the effort.  It gives a person the opportunity to take responsibility for their health and well-being.  Forgive others and forgive yourself for the big and small things.   Also, be kind and gentle with yourself.  Most important of all learn to love yourself unconditionally.  This one is an absolute must.  So many women out there, and men, want deep love and intimacy in their lives.  We have to love ourselves unconditionally first before we will attract in another person who will be able to love us on that level. 

Emotional healing on a very deep level I have learned gives a person more choices in life than they had prior to releasing their issues.  You’ll have more tools in your toolbox so to speak. 

Releasing weight give you the opportunity to release emotional trauma and releasing emotional trauma gives you the opportunity to release weight.  It’s a ‘WIN-WIN SITUATION’.  So let go of that resistance and give it all you’ve got.  I am relishing in the knowing that I get to ‘RE-INVENT MYSELF’ and I am ‘ENJOYING THE JOURNEY’.

Yours in Health & Wellness – Kara Myers



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Well I finally threw my first pair of pants away.  They were 5X, stretched to the max and wouldn’t stay up.  I think that was the, “Last Straw”, so to speak.  When I finally got to the point that I wasn’t fitting into 5X anymore.  I just kept thinking that I was not going to wear 6X’s but kept getting larger until I barely fit into the 5X.  Everyone has their breaking point and that was mine.

I’m feeling better and better all the time.  Actually spent hours running the sweeper and mopping floors a few days ago.  You may think this is a strange thing to bring up but when a person has barely been able to do these things for years it can seem like a really big accomplishment.

It’s amazing, as a person becomes sicker, more tired, lethargic, depressed and overweight you lose sight of the myriad of simple tasks or chores you used to perform not giving it a second thought.  It’s this downward spiral that seems to take off and it picks up momentum.  Before you know it all is out of control and you find yourself in front of the mirror asking, “what the hell happened”.

That is in the past now and I am continually moving forward to the “NEW ME”.   It’s just as well that 225 + pounds doesn’t come off overnight.  A person needs time to make the many internal adjustments that will be required to fit into the new body and new life.  It’s definitely a process and I figure I might as well ‘ENJOY THE JOURNEY’.

All I can say to encourage those of you out there who are struggling with your weight or life on any level.  Please just start.  Do one small thing every single day that is beneficial and good for you.  You are absolutely worth it and you’ll be amazed on how quickly it will begin to make a difference.

Yours in health & Wellness  –  Kara A. Myers


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What a concept.  I know this is how a healthy eating program is supposed to work but at the age of 58 I’ve never had this experience until utilizing the TRANSITIONS LIFESTYLE SYSTEM.  It feels so good to be making progress and I’m not starving.  I still have to pinch myself at times to make sure this isn’t just a dream.

I can honestly say that I do not, let me repeat, I DO NOT FEEL DEPRIVED OF ANYTHING while eating this way and I’m achieving wonderful results.  It doesn’t get any better than that.

When I first weighed and re-measured on April 30th I was initially disappointed with the pounds dropped.  But then I realized that 15 pounds in a 3 week period is not too bad.  Especially when my metabolism has been running slower than a snails pace for not just years but for decades.  My thyroid has been low for years, bloodwork done 2 years ago showed that I was in severe Adrenal Exhaustion, I’m carrying an extreme amount of fat, my whole body is toxic, my digestive system has been compromised and and my liver hasn’t been able to effeciently burn fat.  So considering all of these factors 15 pounds in 3 weeks is absolutely awesome.

Now we go to measure for inches lost.  The numbers there were extremely good also, yet it took a full week for it to really register.  Although I’ve dropped a couple clothing sizes it simply did not completely sink in.  Part of my challenge is I focus too much on how much weight I have left to lose rather than the progress I’ve made.  I am slowly but surely making a paradigm shift on how I think about my health, weight loss and lifestyle changes.

When I re-measured I wasn’t initially impressed as I was thinking that my previous measurements were taken months prior.  I finally realized I  initially had my sister take my measurements on 3-22-10.  I had signed up for a personal trainer at the gym on 3-20 and had my measurements taken prior to my first one-on-one training as I didn’t want one of the guys at the gym to take my measurements.  Thank goodness I wrote everything in my workout journal.

So here we go with the results.  I dropped 4 1/2 inches off my hips, 3 1/2 inches off my waist, 1/2 inch from the biceps and 1 1/2 inches off my bust.  I really wish I would have measured my neck and shoulders.  From the looks of my ‘Heavy Picture’  I’ve probably dropped 5 inches off my neck.  In my initial measurements we did the calves and upper thighs but I did not re-measure those areas on April 30th.  I will have those areas measured next time.  I also dropped 4% body fat and my water % based on total body weight went from 13% up to 16% which is a good thing.

So I am living proof that a person can eat, not starve themselves, feel good and shed those extra pounds.  The biggest challenge is where your mind wants to take you yet I’ve discovered the better I eat that becomes easier also.  I have more energy, I’m not as depressed and I just feel better menatally and emotionally because I’m taking care of me.

I will be eternally grateful for the information and support provided by the TRANSISIONS LIFESTYLE SYSTEM as it has already changed my life dramatically.  The most phenomenal factor is I can truly eat and live this way for the rest of my life without ever feeling that I am missing out on anything.  I didn’t think that there would ever be anything that would release me from the extreme ‘SUGAR CRAVINGS/DESIRE FOR SWEETS’ yet ‘LOW-GLYCEMIC INDEX EATING’ does exactly that.  If you’ve never had that terrible syndrome of being willing to knock over small children and old ladies to get to the sugar then I could never make you understand.  Those of you who have been there or who are currently there, no explaining is necessary.  You feel as though something takes over and you’re possessed and not even exorcism can free you of the demons.  I consider myself a fairly intelligent and for most of my life a fairly in control person but the ‘SUGAR CRAVINGS’ that took over my mind and body made me feel weak and out of control on all levels.  I literally feel like I’ve been freed from a heavy, heavy burden and it feels good.

I will continue to keep you posted on my progress and would love to hear from others who are on the health and weight loss journey, have successfully achieved their goals or are just now considering beginning their own journey to Health and Wellness.