Well I finally threw my first pair of pants away.  They were 5X, stretched to the max and wouldn’t stay up.  I think that was the, “Last Straw”, so to speak.  When I finally got to the point that I wasn’t fitting into 5X anymore.  I just kept thinking that I was not going to wear 6X’s but kept getting larger until I barely fit into the 5X.  Everyone has their breaking point and that was mine.

I’m feeling better and better all the time.  Actually spent hours running the sweeper and mopping floors a few days ago.  You may think this is a strange thing to bring up but when a person has barely been able to do these things for years it can seem like a really big accomplishment.

It’s amazing, as a person becomes sicker, more tired, lethargic, depressed and overweight you lose sight of the myriad of simple tasks or chores you used to perform not giving it a second thought.  It’s this downward spiral that seems to take off and it picks up momentum.  Before you know it all is out of control and you find yourself in front of the mirror asking, “what the hell happened”.

That is in the past now and I am continually moving forward to the “NEW ME”.   It’s just as well that 225 + pounds doesn’t come off overnight.  A person needs time to make the many internal adjustments that will be required to fit into the new body and new life.  It’s definitely a process and I figure I might as well ‘ENJOY THE JOURNEY’.

All I can say to encourage those of you out there who are struggling with your weight or life on any level.  Please just start.  Do one small thing every single day that is beneficial and good for you.  You are absolutely worth it and you’ll be amazed on how quickly it will begin to make a difference.

Yours in health & Wellness  –  Kara A. Myers


3 Responses to “FINALLY THREW MY PANTS AWAY!!!!”

  1. yeah mommy!!!!

  2. Congratulations!! Your new picture is beautiful! Sending love and God’s blessings for the remainder of your journey. Martha

  3. I support you totally and absolutely in health! I can tell you creative is coming into BEING already! Keep on breathing, walking and swimming. When I am in the pool, I think of you in your new health plan for you! Many Blessings Always…and thank you for allowing me to join you on this incredibe life changing dance of LIFE!

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