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I know there must be many blocks to weight loss and they are probably as varied as there are overweight people but I can only speak for myself.

I keep wondering why I feel so frustrated as I’m making good progress and doing well on my Journey to Health.  Living in a society of instant gratification and little patience I want to be thin yesterday.  Yet my main goal is not to be thin as much as it is to be healthy.  So why the frustration and inner emotional turmoil. 

I think in part it goes back to my younger years when I started my first starvation diet to please a boy I liked.  Back in those days the last thing I thought of was my health and I only wanted to be thin as a rail.  If I didn’t hate throwing up so much I know at some point I would have developed the pattern of binging and purging.


Although I’m committed to seeing this through because I feel better as a result of eating healthy and exercising I continue to have the recurring dread and doubt that my official goal is to create a certain type of looking body.  I also realize that this is unrealistic at my age and I am thankful that I have a little bit of wisdom and decades of life experience to keep me from getting completely off track.

I know from past experience what doesn’t work and the price I’ve paid in poor health by only focusing on being thin.  What worries me is, if I, with my life experience am struggling with the emotional dilemma of being thin when I know it is totally unrealistic then what on earth must our young men and women be going through.

April 2010

Our media still bombards us with gorgeous, fashionable, young, sexy and thin models, movie stars, etc.  It’s as though there is this underlying statement or code that states, “If you don’t look this way you will not have what these people have.  You will simply lead a dull boring life.”

When I was in my teen’s and twentie’s with not even one extra pound on my body I never felt as though I looked good enough.  I had a friend who got furious with me when I was 33 because I would only wear long baggy shorts in the summer and I was a size eight.

You will never convince me that it’s okay thing for anyone to be obese simply because it will destroy their health.  Yet there is a flaw in our society that a person feels less than whole if they were not gifted with the DNA of a super model.  This is simply wrong.

They say for the first time in recorded history our kids will not live as long as their parents due to the foods we eat.  Yet we continue to manufacture plastic food and expect our children to grow and thrive on it.  Virtually no one can stay both healthy and thin eating processed foods.  Therefore those of us who are challenged in the fat department logically say, “okay, if the foods I eat make me fat then I just won’t eat. 

What do we say to our kids to let them know what’s inside is the most important thing when at their age fitting in is everything?  Education is the key and there is very little of it out there.  Our kids need to know that there is an answer and that eating the right foods will make them feel better, look better and have more energy.  And wer’re not talking processed cardboard tasting foods.  We need to educate our kids on what raw whole foods are.

There was a program on television a few months ago where a classroom of 3rd graders was shown fresh vegetables such as, tomatoes, celery, carrots, potatoes, etc. and they were not able to name one of them.

I know it has helped me immensely to learn about and experience Low-Glycemic Index/Impact Eating through the Transitions Lifestyle Program.  My life and health would have been so different had I known this decades ago.  The good thing is my life already is and will continue to be healthier and happier from this point on.

I urge everyone, no matter what your age to learn about the foods you eat and what those foods do to your body.  We’ve all heard the statistics regarding the obesity and health epidemic in our culture and there’s nothing more to do other than educate ourselves and make a lifestyle change. 

Yours in Health & Wellness

Kara A. Myers