About Kara Myers and My Journey to Health

Having been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia 6 years ago  I fought very hard not to feel sorry for myself. When research led me to the knowledge that there is not a lot the medical community can do for this illness short of Anti-depressants, pain killers, muscle relaxers and sleeping pills I initially felt hopeless and that all was lost when it comes to living a quality life. I opted not to go the synthetic drug route until I tried all holistic avenues available.

At my lowest point my 5′ 4″, medium sized frame had ballooned to a whopping 375 pounds. 

This is an extra 225 pounds I began to carry around which definitely added more fatigue to my already exhausted body.  I found myself in a dangerous Catch 22.  I had almost reached the point of no return, or at least this is what it felt like.  On the other side of that coin I knew I had to do something.  It was no longer an option to live at this weight.

At 58 I have made great strides in regaining my health and definitely feel better than I did 6 years ago. By the time I reach 60 I want the whole ‘Enchilada’ and I would like to take as many of you with me as possible.

This next picture was taken 4-20-2010.  I began my Transition’s Lifestyle Program for weight loss the beginning of January 2010.  My first day at the gym was on 2-5-2010.  I have worked out 4-5 days per week doing cardio and weight training.  One of the things I’ve had working in my favor is the fact that I used to work out all the time.  In 1978 I competed in the Women’s National Powerlifting Champiionships for the US in Nashua, NH.  We’re talking a couple of decades ago that I regularly worked out but the body has great muscular and cellular memory and responds rapidly to exercise.  It’s as if every cell is screaming, “Thank you, what took you so long?”

I still have a way to go as the ultimate goal is to reach 150 – 160 pounds.  I’ve been working out at the gym for eleven weeks and I am thrilled to have the energy to do so.

So “Kara’s Journey to Health Blog” is my personal transformation and struggle to shift my paradigm of what is possible.  To take responsibility on all levels for my well being; mentally, physically, psychologically, sexually, emotionally, and spiritually.  We are truly a society of oversized egos and have a tendancy to place blame outside of ourselves rather than accept we are the solitary creators of the circumstances we find ourselves in.

There is nothing that can’t be discussed in this blog as long as it is done in a positive light and for the purpose of moving forward in a healthy way.  People are struggling out there in many ways.  We are way too stressed and unhappy.  There is definitely an obesity epidemic which has now carried over to our children.  Our unhealthy ways have shortened the life span of many of our youth as they are not expected to live as long as their parents. 

It was a hard decision for me to put myself out there as I often wondered, “How on earth did I ever get in this shape to begin with?  I placed a lot of blame on outside circumstances and people but when it all comes down to getting out of this mess I realize that no one else, and I mean, NO ONE can get me to where I choose to go.  Others may be there for me and I am truly grateful for the support of family, friends and community but I have to have the passion, desire and tenacity to cross the finish line.

When the bottom fell out and I finally realized I was very ill I did a survey of my past.  I had to go way back to see and accept the fact that I had emotionally given up on myself at least ten to fifteen years prior to being diagnosed with an illness.

I have learned a lot and discovered many resources thus far in MY JOURNEY and I will share it all.  Healing modalities, books, products, my personal testimony and results that I have experienced.  Some very beautiful people have crossed my path and I expect to encounter many more along the way.  I will be posting pictures as we journey together keeping you posted on my weight loss progress and the challenges to that progress.

I want this to be an interactive, informative, open, honest and supportive blog so please give me your feedback.  Let me know what your challenges are.  What you are doing positive to move beyond those challenges.  What information from this blog has helped you, if any.  What has helped you along the way that you would like to share.  And please share because you never know what will touch someone else.  What another person is needing in the moment. 

Most of all – ENJOY THE JOURNEY & HAVE FUN!!!!!

Yours in Health – Kara Myers



One Response to “About Kara Myers and My Journey to Health”

  1. heather paris Says:

    it turns out i have an amazing aunt with so much courage and strength! im so proud of you aunt kara!

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