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Posted in Memoirs, Sexaual abuse, True Life Story on February 6, 2011 by karasjourneytohealth

I have known Chiquetta for eleven years. When we first met and became friends Chiquetta had only discarded her garments and left the Mormon Church two years previously. I have been her close friend during her transition from living the Mormon life and being married to a Mormon Bishop. I’ve watched this woman shift as she struggled to find herself and make the connection between spirituality and sexuality.

 I have been Chiquetta’s close friend throughout this journey and I am the author of this book. We hope it touches and inspires those who read it and we would love to hear your comments when you have read the book, “Transformative Sex”. The target  release date is May/June 2011.
When we first started to write Chiquetta’s personal Memoirs of “Transformative Sex” I thought I was simply tagging along.  I had absolutely no idea how profoundly this whole journey would affect me or I probably would have run as far and as fast as I could. Now that I’m on the other side though I’m so glad I hung in there. My own healing that I’ve experienced as a result of this project has been well worth the effort. Not hundreds but thousands of hours have been spent on the book, healing and trying to get a very specific message across. As we both dated and discussed men during this journey we took a very deep look at what we and most women desire and need to feel loved by a man. We also developed an understanding of how our past was keeping us from obtaining what we wanted as far as an authentic and intimate relationship with the man in our lives. We learned that we had to heal our past in order to obtain the deep connection between spirituality and sexuality with a man in our every day lives.


This book has not been an easy one to write but it’s a story I’ve been prompted by many people to share.

As I would reveal small details of my past with my clients so they would better understand where I was coming from I never imagined it would turn into the “Journey of Sexual Healing” that it has.

This is not a theoretical story but my personal life experience as I have lived it and the many things I have learned as I have traveled my own path towards sexual healing. This “Journey of Sexual Healing” that I’m about to take you on is a place where I have been.

This book may be upsetting to many but hopefully more inspirational and eye opening than anything. 

My desire is for healing to occur on many levels and for men and women to more clearly see the insanity that is occurring on the planet as we have lost our connection to our sexual energy which is our life force energy.

I was born in the deep South and raised in the Mormon religion. When I married the only sex I experienced was what I called, “Straight Jacket Sex.” 

This book tells how I healed and overcame my own sexual dysfunction. I was sexually abused when I was young and both of my parents lived secret sex lives. My second marriage was to a Mormon Bishop and when I left the Mormon religion I did a complete 360. I went from wearing garments that covered me from the top of my knees to my shoulders to becoming a sexual entertainer.

I was led out of the life as a sexual entertainer by a beautiful man and Tantric healer, Shantam Nityama.  This man took me from being a little girl captured in a woman’s body to truly learning what it feels like to be a woman who is feminine, responsible for her life, tender and loving and no longer angry at men.

Becoming a Tantric Sex Coach and Sexual Healer’ has allowed me to experience the depth and beauty of deep sexual intimacy in my every day life.

Chiquetta and I will be meeting with our editor in California on February 15th as we begin to complete the book. It will then go on to the copy editor and then proofreader. This journey has touched me deeply on a personal level. Although I was not raised in the Mormon religion I was however molested as a child. This takes a toll whether you’re male or female and there were more tears than laughter throughout this journey.

This book is a labor of love and healing. Our hope is even if one person can begin their healing process around their sexuality and loving themself then this has been a successful journey and well worth the grief, pain, tears and longs hours in bringing “Transformative Sex” to completion.

“Transformative Sex” is targeted for release May/June 2011.

Enjoy the Journey and enjoy the book “Transformative Sex”. We hope it allows you or someone you know to open the door to healing on a very deep level.

Chiquetta Dawn & Kara Ann